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Keep It Nice And Peachy!

May 11, 2022
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We just traveled back from the good old state of the peach…the Georgia Peach!

And just like Georgia is known for producing high quality peaches, we were reminded how much we love the peach version of our Stani yogurt. With high protein, low calories and low sugar, our artisan strained yogurt truly is a refreshing delight. It is easy to take on the go, add to a breakfast, or even save to indulge as an after dinner treat.

Today we sliced up a bunch of fruit and used it as a dip; it is healthy yet satisfying. Tomorrow night, the plan is to make a Peach Melba dessert. Layer Stani peach yogurt with grilled or fresh peaches, fresh raspberries, sliced almonds and a simple raspberry sauce. The options are endless with our yogurt.

All we know is that Stani yogurt is all natural, with no preservatives or artificial colors. It is strained for hours in cheesecloth bags to give it the indulgent texture loved by so many and then fresh peach puree is simply added. We keep it nice and peachy 😉