Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

January 4, 2024
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Happy New Year

Wishing Everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Most of us (me included) are most likely trying to encompass a new and healthier mindset at the start of 2024.  New routines are sometimes difficult to put into habit but thankfully Stani Dairy is here to help!  Our artisan strained Greek yogurt is the perfect post workout snack by being protein rich, filling, and delicious.  

Some form of daily exercise is important for the body and mind no matter how old we are.  However, we have to consider that prolonged exercise causes an increase in muscle protein breakdown. So after a workout, it is crucial to stimulate muscle protein synthesis by building up amino acids (the building blocks of protein).  The body needs to refuel and repair sore and tired muscles. This can be done by eating protein rich foods within 30 minutes of finishing a workout (to see the best results). This healthy and beneficial habit will simultaneously improve recovery and enhance future performances.  

Now this is where Stani yogurt comes into play.  And what a reward Stani is after a workout!! Each single serving cup has between 12 to 13 grams of protein and is low in calories and sugar.  Yet its creamy texture makes you think you are eating something indulgent - yet there is nothing to feel guilty about!  And don’t forget to top your Stani with a variety of nuts, grains, berries, honey or even a savory topping to increase its health advantages.  Stani Greek yogurt will not only satisfy your post workout hunger but will keep you fuller for longer.

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